You heard it on Dreamland first: On June 12, Linda Howeinterviewed Professor Vittorio Formisano, who works with theEuropean Space Agency’s orbiting Mars Express craft, whosaid he was about to announce that there is life on Mars.Now he says he’ll release this information in Paris in a fewdays. Ammonia has been discovered on Mars, and because itsurvives for only a short time in the Martian atmosphere, itmust be constantly replenished. Only living microbes can dothis, so the conclusion is inescapable: there is life onMars.

NASA scientists agree that, “Ammonia could be the key tofinding life on Mars.” David Whitehouse writes that the importance of ammonia is that it?s acompound of nitrogen and hydrogen. Although nitrogen is rarein the Martian atmosphere, no form of terrestrial life canexist without it. The presence of ammonia means that Martianmicrobes are hoarding it. NASA says, “There are no knownways for ammonia to be present in the Martian atmospherethat do not involve life.”

The twin U.S. rovers that landed on the Red Planet inJanuary will not be able to help answer the ammoniaquestion, since they are programmed only to look at thegeology of the planet.

Ever since intelligent life began on this planet, peoplehave been pronouncing the secret name of God in order togain itspower?aknowledge that was lost until Donald Tyson rediscovered it.He tell you how to do it too on this week’sDreamland.For subscribers, more knowledge about another secret that’sbeen lost: the secret power ofpyramids.

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