Unknowncountry readers have always been fascinated bydiscoveries of ancient, underwater cities, like one beinginvestigated off the coast of Cuba. U.K. science advisor SirDavid King says there will be more of these to investigatein the future?but they’ll be places we’re living in rightnow. He says, “On current trends, cities like London, NewYork and New Orleans will be among the first to go.?

In The Guardian, Paul Brown quotes Sir David as saying, “Youmight think it is not wise, since we are currently meltingice so fast, to have built our big cities on the edge of thesea where it is now obvious they cannot remain. Ice meltingis a relatively slow process but is speeding up. When theGreenland ice cap goes, the sea level will rise (19-22feet), when Antarctica melts it will be another (360feet)?We are moving from a warm period into the first hotperiod that man has ever experienced since he walked on theplanet.”

Ice core records show that at the peak of the ice age 12,000years ago, the sea was (almost 500 feet) below where it isnow. Sir David says it’s impossible to tell how much CO2there was in the atmosphere during global warming events inthe past, because there was no ice and therefore no icecores for us to study. However, he thinks it was only alittle more than “we are currently heading towards.” Soonthere will be enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere tomelt all the ice on the planet once again, and drown citieslike London, New York and New Orleans.

Robot submarines have found ancient underwater pyramids offthe coast of Cuba. This week, subscribers can learn moreaboutpyramidpower. And on this week’sDreamland,Find out how to pronounce thetruename of God in order to evoke its power!

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