The Union of Concerned Scientists accuses the Bush administration of practicing junk science. Bush science advisor John Marburger complains that the UCS’s February report reads like a “conspiracy theory report.”

Bruce Sterling writes in that, “The Bush administration has no respect for science. Ideologues prefer to make up the laws of nature as they go?As the report amply documents, the Bush administration has systematically manipulated scientific inquiry into climate change, forest management, lead and mercury contamination, and a host of other issues.”

When society abandons scientific facts, this is known as “Lysenkoism,” after Joseph Stalin’s agriculture minister Trofim Lysenko, who reported that collective farming was working fine while millions of Russians starved to death.

When the Soviet Union was in place, we dismissed Russian psychology as fakery because it was used to justify incarcerating dissidents. If we’re not careful, the rest of the world will see our science the same way.

It’s not as easy to push junk science as it once was, thanks to the internet. The Bush administration told both NASA and NOAA to shut up about global warming, but once the internet found out about it, they had to rescind those orders. And if major government institutions, like the Pentagon, keep refusing to back down, government pseudo-science may not have a chance to take hold.

Sterling writes, “Eventually the whole vast bubble will burst of its own fairy-tale unreality?The quackeries will be purged, forgotten, hushed up. Except, that is, for the lasting effect on the health, morale, and self-esteem of the American people.”

Here at, we believe in taking a fair, open-minded look at EVERYTHING, including things like UFOs and crop circles, which most scientists won’t touch, for fear their reputations will suffer. Government censorship is bad, but self-censorship is the worst of all.

Want to know if the CIA and other covert agencies go in for mind control? Here’s the place to start.

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