Residents of California who live along the San Andreas faultworry about earthquakes, while people in the Midwest arerelaxed about THAT problem anyway?but it turns out theyshouldn’t be, because been discovered that 200 years ago, amassive earthquake caused damage from South Carolina toWashington D.C. and even temporarily reversed the directionof the Mississippi River. And it could happen again withinthe next 50years, but exactly when is unknown.

Robert Roy Britt writes in that hightectonic plate pressure has been detected by sensors placedon a fault in Memphis, which was the site of an 8.1magnitude quake in 1812. Another quake of equal magnitudewould affect the entire Eastern half of the US. There’saround a 10% chance of another massive quake in the regionand a 90% chance that a quake of a lesser strength (ofaround 6) will happen in the next 50 years.

When disasters happen, like the December tsunamis inIndonesia, is one of the first places youcan read about it. Pleasebe there for ustoday, so we’ll be here tomorrow for you?it’s surprisingly(and delightfully) inexpensive. This week, subscribers getto listen to a that she wrote in 1986-87,during the Communion years. Whitley Strieber was one of thefirst people to write about adisasterthat’s affecting us today and will be affecting us in thefuture, whether we admit it or not!

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