This week on Dreamland, William Henry interviews one of thefew people in the world who really understandspowerplaces and how to use them. He and William explore the factthat patterns incropcircles often mimic the layouts of ancient cathedrals.Subscribers getto listen to Whitley Strieber talk with Freddy, as they goeven deeper into these fascinating subjects. Linda Howereports on a phenomenal cancer breakthrough and the mysteryof “junk” DNA. Are we genetically engineered?

Freddy Silva has made the most brilliant analysis of cropcircles ever written. In his extraordinary, and expertlyproduced new DVD, he brings his understanding of sacredgeometry to power places such as Stonehenge, Gothiccathedrals, and the many places of pilgrimage around theworld. He tells us why these have always been areas thathumans have irresistibly attracted pilgrims?and how can weuse them right now to gain the spiritual power we need tosurvive in this troubled era.

Power places are sources of wisdom, energy and refuge. Theyare full of energy that we can still use, that can help uspush back the night that is descending on our world asfanatical religions, based in lies, clash with one another,and the environment deteriorates around our ears. This ispower programming of a kind that only Dreamland provides.

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