Scientists have been worried that cell phonetowers?especially the new high-powered towers that supporthigh tech phones?emit radio waves that can lead to cancer.Now Korean scientists have found that people living inregions near AM radio broadcasting towers are 70% morelikely to get leukemia. And children who live near gasstations are more likely to get leukemia than other kidsliving in the same area.

Stephen Leahy writes in that deaths from cancerare 29% higher near the transmitters. This backs up anItalian study of two years ago that found that death ratesfrom leukemia increased dramatically for people livingwithin two miles of Vatican Radio’s transmitters in Rome.

Epidemiologist Sam Milham says, “Lots of research papersfrom around the world show increased cancers neartransmitters, although TV and FM transmitters are more oftenimplicated.” But some scientists are skeptical, because theydon’t yet understand the mechanism of how radio waves leadto cancer.

Lab studies show that low-frequency EMF disrupt livingcells, but not everyone has been able to duplicate thesetest results. Milham says, “I’m convinced that politics andcorporate interests are behind denials (that say) there areno health effects.”

Gaia Vince writes in New Scientist that a French study showsthat children who live next to a gas station or garage arefour times more likely to develop acute leukemia than otherchildren in the same area. Researcher Jacqueline Clavelsays, “I was very surprised that living near a [gas] stationhad such a high risk. The longer the child had lived in thevicinity of the [gas] station, the higher their relativerisk was. Prenatal exposure also raised the relative risk.”

She thinks the benzene in gasoline causes the rise incancer, and says, “The link between benzene and leukemia hasbeen shown for workers in a rubber factory, but the benzenelevels are very high in that instance. Exposure to benzeneis much lower for children near a [gas] station, so it wassurprising.”

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