Usage of increased by another million hits in February, and we’d like to thank all of you for your support, and welcome all of our new users. We are planning a whole new look for the website, with expanded offerings. Success is wonderful, but it costs a lot in the internet world and, frankly, Unknowncountry runs in the red. Our excess costs are paid by Whitley and Anne Strieber, and the more successful we become, the higher those costs get.

But Whitley and Anne are committed to keeping Dreamland and all the existing services Unknowncountry provides free. So we’ve decided on a way to offer you real added value in a new subscription service that will enable us to continue to expand. You can become a subscriber by clicking here or by going to the new Subscribe tab at the top of every page.

So, what do you get? For starters, Dreamland is available to subscribers in a downloadable MP3 format. This means that you can now download Dreamland and play it wherever you use your MP3 player. Right now, you can download the latest four shows, plus some classics, and the list will keep growing.

PLUS Whitley is adding special audio, video and downloadable files on a regular basis. He’s starting with an in-depth discussion of the Key. This is not just a reading, it’s a personal memoir of his moment-to-moment experiences as he faced the Master of the Key. The first section is available now, a 45 minute audio file that covers the first part of the book.

In the future, he’ll be making such rarities available as his short story, “the Open Doors,” that contains his deepest understanding of why the UFO phenomenon is so secret, and the audio of the hypnosis session with Dr. Donald Klein where he first remembered the Communion experience. There will be witness testimony from visitors to Whitley’s cabin, and a collection of the unusual videos that Whitley has amassed over the years, including much that has never been seen before.

As icing on the cake, every subscriber who is also a registered user of our store gets a 10% personal discount on everything they buy. And what does all this cost? Just $3.95 a month, payable automatically through our secure Paypal subscriber site.

As a subscriber, you can do two things at once: broaden your horizons and keep Unknowncountry growing! Click here now!

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