According to newly-released documents, in 1972 the Ministry of Defense in the U.K. didn’t want the Royal Air Force to take part in a TV debate on UFOs, because it might make the British public believe they were real. There were so many UFO sightings near RAF bases in the 1960s and 70s, that in 1971 the BBC decided to investigate.

Air Commodore Anthony Davis agreed to take part in the show and showed film of military jets which he claimed had been mistaken for UFOs. He said, “Good color film taken [by the BBC] at dusk should show the fire-cones of their jet effluxes in re-heat, apparently hovering and then moving sharply away, as often described in UFO sightings.”

David Filkin, the TV show’s producer, convinced the RAF to participate by saying, “On balance, it would be better to do this and face up to the possible difficulties of dealing with a hostile audience of cranks and fanatics rather than the alternative risk of leaving the field to the fanatics and giving the impression that we are afraid to stand up to questions.” Sounds familiar, doesn?t it?

The government may stonewall us when it comes to UFO information, but Richard Dolan knows where to find the facts.

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