Five years ago, we reported on clothes that were being designed to make the wearer invisible. Researchers have developed a material that can bend light around 3D objects, making them seem to “disappear”?like magic! It all has to do with perception.

BBC News quotes researcher Ortwin Hess as saying, “In order to have the ‘Harry Potter’ effect, you just need to find the right materials for the visible wavelengths, and it’s absolutely thrilling to see we’re on the right track.”

Speaking of Harry Potter, We’ve also written seriously about magic. Now serious scientists are studying it!

Neuroscientists are working with a team of professional magicians to figure out exactly how “the hand fools the eye,” in order to understand the difference between what is really happening and what we see and assume to be reality. In the August 12th edition of the New York Times, Benedict Carey quotes researcher Susana Martinez-Conde as saying, “Here?s this art form going back perhaps to ancient Egypt, and basically the neuroscience community had been unaware” of its direct application to the study of perception.

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