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A close encounter witness, StanRomanek, who claims that he has been having experiences with the Grays for many years is about to release a video which he says proves their existence. He showed the footage at a news conference in Denver today.

Romanek took the video in 2003 and Jeff Peckman, who wants the city of Denver to set up a commission acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial life, is promoting it.

The Rocky Mountain News quotes Peckman as saying, “It shows an extraterrestrial’s head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that’s visible through an infrared camera.”

Reporter Daniel J. Chacon, who viewed the video, reports seeing a “classic E.T.-like creature, about 4 feet tall, with a narrow chin, a broad forehead and almond eyes.”

Chacon writes, “In the enhanced version of the video, a creature pops up in the window, looks around, and pops back down, again and again.” He quotes Shannon Mundell, who also saw the film, as saying, “I can’t say exactly what it was, but I think there’s a good chance it was real.”

According to Sky News, “The general public will have to wait to see the footage as it is being included in a forthcoming documentary.”

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