Many of our subscribers have discovered that they’ve become fast friends, despite the fact that they have never even met! Now is your chance to meet your friends and make NEW ones: Keep reading to find out how.

Join us at our FIRST Dreamland festival on in Nashville on June 27-29?it’s going to be a wonderful conference in a magical place. Whitley, Jim Marrs, William Henry, Linda Howe and Anne Strieber will all be speaking there, and Anne has promised to hand out FREE copies of her Green Man diary (on paper with a leafy border suitable for framing) to the first 40 people she sees wearing green at the conference.

But tickets are selling out FAST and the number of tickets is limited, because we want to keep the group small enough for the kind of intimate gathering we are all anticipating, so if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, make your plans as soon as you can, and get set to enjoy an experience that will be very special and very different from the usual big, anonymous UFO conference. Subscribers have a coupon to gives them an EXTRA $25 off! Keep reading to learn how you can make SURE to save yourself a seat there!

Click here to find out more and purchase a ticket. To hear a preview of William’s talk, click on the conversation between him and Whitley on YouTube about whether or not the CERN particle accelerator will lead to time travel. To watch it, click here and to read the new article about the God Particle on William’s website, click here.

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