?and you’re addicted for LIFE! – Tobacco companies try to push their products to teens (although they pretend not to) because they know that just one puff will get them hooked for life IF they have the right (or wrong?) kinds of genes. But the news is not all bad: researchers have now invented a PILL that can help you quit! Before this, scientists told us that the best way to quit was to go cold turkey.

The gene be behind nicotine addiction is called CHRNA5, and it may ALSO increase a smoker’s chance of developing lung cancer.

BBC News quotes researcher Ovide Pomerleau as saying, “It appears that for people who have a certain genetic make-up, the initial physical reaction to smoking can play a significant role in determining what happens next. If cigarette smoking is sustained, nicotine addiction can occur in a few days to a few months?”

Smokers in the UK are having great success at kicking the smoking habit with the use of a new pill called Champix, which blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain. BBC News quotes UK health minister Ann Keen as saying, “I’d like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to all those who have made such positive efforts to kick the habit?very well done. This shows that the investments that we are making in helping smokers to quit are having a positive impact.”

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