Here’s a scary new theory about Alzheimer’s disease–it may be at least partly caused by eating "junk food." We now know that process food fumes can be dangerous to breathe, and here’s further evidence that it’s dangerous to eat as well.

About 35 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s worldwide, and based on the rate at which the population ages, the number will rise to 100 million by 2050. Many scientists now believe that it’s at least partly caused by the brain’s impaired response to insulin. In the US, the percentage of the population with insulin-resistant type II diabetes has grown three times in 30 years. Is Alzheimer’s actually "type 3 diabetes?" Type II sufferers are two to three times more likely to be struck by Alzheimer’s than the general population.

Insulin is the hormone that prompts the liver, muscles and fat to absorb sugar from the blood. Type II diabetes is caused by excessive blood glucose, due to resistance to signals from the pancreas by the organs that would usually absorb it.

In 2005, researchers looked at the brains of 54 corpses, 28 of which belonged to people who had died of Alzheimer’s. They found that the levels of both insulin and insulin-like growth factors in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients were much lower than those in the brains of people who had died of other causes.

Fast food is loaded with insulin-overwhelming substances, such as with fat, salt, sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, which bypass the neurological signals that tell us to stop eating.

In the September 10th edition of the Guardian, George Monbiot writes: "Plenty of research still needs to be done. But, if the current indications are correct, Alzheimer’s disease could be another catastrophic impact of the junk food industry, and the worst discovered so far."

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