Archeologists have discovered a cave in Israel with 28 stepsleading down to an underground pool of water where theythink John the Baptist baptized many of the disciples.Shimon Gibson says, “John the Baptist, who was just a figurefrom the Gospels, now comes to life.”

Karin Laub writes that archaeologists found wall carvingsthat tell the story of John, including one showing a manwith a staff and wearing animal skin, the way John has beendescribed in the Gospels. They also found a stone with animprint of a foot on it, which they believe was used forceremonial foot washing.

The cave is on the property of an Israeli communal farm andwas filled with soil almost to the ceiling. When Gibsoncrawled through the small opening and began removingboulders near the wall, he saw a carving of a head there.

The wall carvings were probably made by monks in the 4th or5th centuries, and not by contemporaries of John. The cavewas carved out between 800 and 500 BC by the Israelites, whoused it as a ritual immersion pool. Gibson says, “Itapparently was adopted by John the Baptist, who wanted aplace where he could bring people to undergo their rituals,pertaining to his ideas of baptism.”

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