It’s too hot to go out, so we should all stay home and read. We’re encouraging you to do that by continuing our special summer sale. This week, we’re adding conspiracy books to our sale section. For the list of conspiracy books on sale, keep reading.

Have we got The Best Democracy Money Can Buy? Read this provocative book and see what you think. Only a dozen of these left.

And while we’re talking about democracy, why isn’t there any in Saudi Arabia? After 9/11 we learned it really is Hatred’s Kingdom. Now find out why.

Did you know that Boeing has built a flying saucer? Soon it won’t be possible to tell if they’re being piloted by the Air Force or ETs. Learn about this amazing new (to us, anyway) power source in The Hunt for Zero Point.

If GM foods and global warming get away from us, it could be Our Final Hour. Britain’s very wise Astronomer Royal tells us what we can do about this.

Ever get the feeling a small group of people is running everything? Read where these folks come from in Secret Societies America’s Elite. Only one of these fascinating books left.

The British Museum holds a secret from King Tut’s tomb. If it was made public, it would turn Middle Eastern politics upside down. Learn all about it from Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy. Only 8 copies left.

We know we still haven’t been told everything about 9/11 and many of the facts have been suppressed by the U.S. media. Find out what really happened from the brave British author of The War on Freedom. Only 12 copies left?you won’t find this in stores.

The more we learn about secret al-Qaeda cells, the more we need to be reassured that There’s No Such Thing Doomsday. This book tells everything you need to know to prepare for any emergency. Only 5 copies left and going fast.

What happens when a U.S. authors travels to the amazon and takes part in shamanic rituals? It’s Breaking Open the Head?find out what it feels like without having to do it yourself. Only 11 copies left.

Believe it or not, there are Seven Experiments That Could Change the World?if only someone would bother to do them. Only 10 of these unique books left.

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