Six years ago, Dreamland co-host Jim Marrs said, "It’s all about oil." Now the Australian defense minister says the same thing about Iraq.

In the Independent, Kathy Marks reports that the Australian Defense Minister Brendan Nelson "admitted that oil was a major factor in the government’s decision to keep troops in Iraq" in an interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corp. When Australia joined the Coalition that took part in the invasion of Iraq, Nelson said that their goal was to fight terrorism and destroy weapons of mass destruction. If this happened in the U.S., it would the same as Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates announcing that we had gone into Iraq for the wrong reasons.

Marks quotes Nelson as saying, "Energy security is extremely important to all nations throughout the world, and of course in protecting and securing Australia’s interests. Obviously the Middle East itself, not only Iraq but the entire region, is an important supplier of energy, oil in particular, to the rest of the world. Australians and all of us need to think what would happen if there was a premature withdrawal from Iraq."

Australia sent 2,000 troops to Iraq in 2003, and still has 1,000 troops there, as well as 600 air force and navy personnel in the area.

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