Many people consider the number 7 to be lucky, so this Saturday, July 7 (which is 7/7/07) must be particularly lucky. July 7 was a very UNlucky day for the British in 2005, since that was the date of the terrorist bus bombings there. Recent events suggest that Al Qaeda elements in that country are aiming for 7/7 again. Meanwhile, brides across the US are setting July 7 as their wedding day, believing that this year?s 777 combination will be especially lucky. Where did the idea that 7 is a lucky number come from, anyway?

Religious scholar David Frankfurter explains that the number seven plays a significant role in the Bible. He says, “In the Bible, numerology provided a very simple and clear way to indicate perfection. The seven-ness of the angels, trumpets and bowls in Revelation expresses the heavenly perfection behind all the fire and brimstone occurring on earth, as much as the seven days of creation indicate the perfection of the world around us. In the time of the finalization of the Jewish Bible, the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet became also linked to these Jewish concepts of perfection?There are other ?perfect? numbers in the Bible: 12 and four. In fact, the perfection of four, symbolized in the image of God’s throne-chariot in the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, contributed historically to the choice of four gospels for the New Testament canon?that is, out of all the gospels that were written back then, we have four instead of two, three, or five.”

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