We now know that water is on the moon, but it was once on Mars?so there could once have been life there, even if it isn?t there today. New NASA data reveals that there was once plenty of water on Mars, in huge lakes and flowing rivers, and they think these conditions lasted for many years.

BBC News quotes Jack Mustard as saying, “This is really exciting because we’re finding dozens of sites where future missions can land to understand if Mars was ever habitable and if so, to look for signs of past life.” There may only be bacterial life there now, but WE could be there in the future. Mustard says, “What does this mean for habitability? It’s very strong. It wasn’t this hot, boiling cauldron. It was a benign, water-rich environment for a long period of time.”

Maybe Mars’s past is OUR future. Will WE be a “hot, boiling cauldron” someday?

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