It’s not only loud noises that can make you deaf?both smoking and being overweight can do it too.

Both disrupt the blood flow to the ears. BBC News quotes researcher Erik Fransen as saying, “Once the damage is done, it’s done. It does not repair.”

If you’re NOT deaf, you?re probably often annoyed by sounds that wake you up at night. Now scientists are designing a soundproof blanket you can wear at night that deflects sound so that you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

BBC News quotes researcher Jose Sanchez-Dehesa as saying, “The idea of acoustic cloaking is to deviate the sounds waves around the object that has to be cloaked.” BBC quotes researcher John Pendry as saying, “The mathematics behind cloaking has been known for several years. What hasn’t been available for sound is the sort of materials you need to build a cloak out of.”

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