We are taking the unsual step of devoting the front page entirely to a group of climate stories that have appeared in the last few days. When Whitley Strieber and Art Bell published their book the Coming Global Superstorm, they never dreamed that it would happen this fast. Whitley has said, “these headlines read about like what we were expecting to see in, say, 2015.”

Behind these headlines, there are some crucial facts that must be recognized. First, melting permafrost is releasing massive quantities of methane, which happened just before the last climate flip 14,000 years ago, as was reported in Superstorm.

Second, ocean currents are weakening, another sign that sudden climate change is beginning.

Third, there are dramatic heat spikes taking place in northern waters, such as an 18 degree spike that was noted off the New Jersey coast recently.

As always, we will continue to bring you notice of any changes that may impact our lives. Nobody knows whether the type of climate change we are concerned about takes place over a period of decades or years…or weeks. And nobody can say when it will start or how violent it will be.

But if past is prelude, we can expect that the current situation will build to a certain point, and then, during a period of extraordinary chaos, our world will change forever.

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