The National Earthquake Reporting Center of the US Geologic Survey has been offline and its information unavailable since July 18. In addition, the IRIS seismic monitor at the University of Washington is not providing data underneath its map, although the map is allegedly updated through today.

The last updates provided by Seismo-Watch were for July 17, when a 5.8 quake and subsequent micro-quake storm were reported in the area of Corso, California.

In addition to the NERC site being down, the entire USGS site is down. The site replies to ping packets and a route can be traced to it normally, but it ignores connection attempts.

The Bush Administration has stated that it would be cutting back on climate research, but there was no prior announcement about the USGS going off the internet, and e-mails to USGS and NERC have gone unanswered. It is possible that a reboot of the system is needed.

The result of this is that there is a lack of worldwide earthquake information, and no way of obtaining it.

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