The slo-mo & wagon wheel illusions – Is time just an illusion? We have more and more evidence that this is the case. In order to understand how our brains work, Subscribers get to listen to the paper that Anne Strieber presented at the conference, which tells you why contactees and abductees are essential for future life on earth).

Action films often show dangerous events happening in slow motion. This is taken from real life, since so many people who have been in these types of situations report the sensation of time slowing down, which gives them more “time” to take defensive action against what is threatening them.

Another time illusion also comes from films, where wheels appear to be turning backwards. This is known as the “wagon wheel illusion” and occurs because the camera is actually taking a sequence of snapshots of the wheel as it rotates, which our brains fit together as motion. Neuroscientist Rufin VanRullen thinks our brains may take snapshots of life and fit them together, just like a camera does. In New Scientist, Douglas Fox quotes Van Rullen as saying, “There’s a succession of ‘on’ periods and ‘off’ periods of perception. Attention is collecting information through snapshots.”

Since time is an essential part of how we view reality, a bad internal clock may explains the delusions of schizophrenia, meaning we might be able to find a cure. In New Scientist, Fox quotes researcher David Eagleman as saying, “Schizophrenic brains seem to be temporally inflexible. They don’t recalibrate.

“Time is much weirder than we think it is.”

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