After what we humans have done to it? – Will the earth ever recover from climate changeand pollution? Will WE survive? It turns out that the earth may recover but many of the animals on it won’t. It’s happened before: 55 million years ago earth had a sudden spike in global warming caused by too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In those days, the CO2 did what it would do today: 85% of the gas dissolved in the ocean, while the remaining 15% went into the atmosphere. All this CO2 persisted for tens of thousands of years, increasing the temperatures of both sea and the land.

In New Scientist Magazine, Bob Holmes quotes paleontologist Tony Barnosky as saying, “A lot of things have to die, and a lot of those things are going to be people.” Society could collapse, sending us back to a simple, even prehistoric, lifestyle. But even if we become extinct, will the earth survive?

A new study claims that conservation biologists are setting their minimum population size targets too low to prevent extinction and that endangered species are unlikely to persist in the face of global climate change and habitat loss unless they number around 5,000 mature individuals or more. Researcher Lochran Traill says, “Conservation biologists routinely underestimate or ignore the number of animals or plants required to prevent extinction. Often, they aim to maintain tens or hundreds of individuals, when thousands are actually needed. Our review found that populations smaller than about 5,000 had unacceptably high extinction rates. This suggests that many targets for conservation recovery are simply too small to do much good in the long run.”

But even if we disappear, the earth itself will remain and will undoubtedly be repopulated by another species. In New Scientist, Holmes writes, “A new geological age will dawn. Shame there won’t be anybody around to give it a name.”

Maybe we should try to turn back the clock so we can try again. But the best thing we can do is to use our brains (which are BETTER in contactees and abductees) to CHANGE THINGS. Anne Strieber explains what this is all about in this week’s subscriber interview).

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