Robert Lee Hotz And John Johnson write in the Los Angeles Times that it may be possible for evil to be passed down genetically to family members. They examine families in which several generations have committed the same types of terrible crimes.

Scientists now know that genes influence our behavior. But can our behavior change our genes and can we then pass on our defective genes to our children? New research is revealing that life experiences can alter the biochemistry of many genes. “The new way of looking at this is that different experiences turn different genes on and off,” says psychologist Seth Pollak. “Experience matters.”

Take the Ward Weaver family?father and son. Police found the corpses of two young teenaged girls in the son?s backyard. He’s awaiting trial for their murders. They then discovered that the elder Ward Weaver is on death row in San Quentin for the 1981 murder of a young woman and her fianc

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