A Bigfoot sighting has been reported in a forests in central China, where legends say the creatures live. It was seen by six people, including a journalist. Another one was spotted in Tennessee. A Bigfoot researcher, speaking at a conference nearby, was able to make a cast of the its footprint.

The Chinese sighting was described as a grayish “mythical ape-like animal,” 5 1/2 feet tall with shoulder-length black hair. Reporter Shang Zhengmin says it was moving quickly, and by the time their car caught up with it, the Bigfoot had disappeared. He and the other five passengers got out of their car and found several 3 foot-long footprints and newly broken branches nearby. They also discovered a patch of “foul smelling urine-like liquid” on the road where the creature was seen. Several years ago, China’s state press announced that scientists had unearthed hundreds of fossilized teeth from giant apes in the same area where this Bigfoot was spotted.

Hal McKenzie writes in cosmictribune.com about a Bigfoot sighting near the Alternate Realities Conference in Tennessee. A local woman called the conference to report that she’d seen a Bigfoot staring at her through the window of her trailer.

Bigfoot investigator Sherry Lee Malin, who was speaking at the conference, hurried off to investigate and made a cast of what appeared to be a footprint in the soft ground. It shows two indentations 16-17 inches apart, which could be toes and a heel, or knuckles and a knee if the creature kneeled.

One conference attendee was inspired by the sighting to divulge his own Bigfoot encounter, which he’d kept secret until then. On a winter hike, he followed a line of huge footprints in the snow that led to a still-steaming hole where a bipedal creature had just urinated. He was startled to see a huge, reddish-gray hairy hominid only 15 feet away striding through dry leaves and twigs, without making a sound.

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