The hero of Dan Brown’s new book discovers some familiar concepts – In our new Insight, popular Revelations show host William Henry asks: “Am I the source for Dan Brown’s new book? ‘The Lost Symbol’ (which Brown didn’t finish till February, 2009), which is about the Dome of the US Capitol and The Apotheosis of the George Washington painting there?

In his new book, “DaVinci Code” author Brown sends symbolist Robert Langdon in search of an ancient portal in the US Capitol and points to the Apotheosis as the key to the portal and to transforming men into gods. If this sounds familiar its because this is EXACTLY what I say in my presentations about Morph and The American Rite, and especially in my latest book Freedom’s Gate, which I have co-authored with Dr. Mark Gray. This painting and the Capitol Dome encodes nothing less than a path to individual empowerment, ascension and true Freedom.” Come meet William in person in October! You can also listen to him talk about this on Coast to Coast AM on September 22nd.

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