There are increasing indications that the situation in New Orleans may be worse than Americans are being told. TV outlets abroad are reportedly showing video of large numbers of floating bodies, and just as the US media did not show people jumping from windows in the World Trade Center on 911, it may be that we’re being spared the worst. Russian and Chinese intelligence analysts are calling it a “dead city.” Some reports estimate that as many as 50,000 people may be dead. It may be impossible to get an accurate count of the dead because alligators are devouring the corpses.

One problem is that looters have broken into gun shops, so now criminals are roaming the streets armed with guns. A Wal-Mart was completely cleaned out of all the guns in the store. One policeman was shot in the head in a confrontation with looters.

Most tourists in New Orleans visit for the French Quarter, which, since it was built on higher ground than the rest of the city, has been spared the worst flooding. However, its expensive stores and boutiques have had the worst looting.

Some of the goods being stolen are necessities, like food, water and diapers. However, many looters are taking this opportunity to steal luxury goods, such as TVs and expensive sneakers.

There is concern that armed gangs of criminals may soon move into highly populated areas and start breaking into homes and holding up citizens. An ambulance carrying a police officer was shot at. One man was sitting on his porch when a gang armed with a knife insisted he hand over his electric generator, a prized possession in a city without power. The homeowner took out his own gun and fired over their heads, causing them to run away.

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