The month of June has broken temperature records in terms of the global average temperature, and so fare there has been a series of 4 record-breaking months this year, with multiple parts of the world seeing above average temperatures.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that the world’s average temperature for June was 16.33ºC (61.48ºF), breaking the record set in June 2014 by 0.12ºC, or 0.22ºF. "Usually temperature records are broken by one or two one-hundredths of a degree, not nearly a quarter of a degree [Fahrenheit]", remarks NOAA climate scientist Jessica Blunden.

The first half of 2015 also broke a record set in 2010, by one-sixth of a degree Fahrenheit, during the last El Niño event, and the El Niño that is currently underway is forecast to be an especially strong one. Already, heat waves in different parts of the world have broken local records, with recent temperature spikes in India and Pakistan causing the deaths of thousands of individuals.

In light of the temperature records accumulated so far this year, Blumden says, "There is almost no way that 2015 isn’t going to be the warmest on record."

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