Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the Arabic newspaper Al-Quds inLondon, has been told that Osama Bin Laden is still alive. He says bin-Laden was wounded in an attack on his Tora Boramountain base in Afghanistan last December. Atwan is one offew journalists who interviewed bin-Laden before theal-Qaeda attacks on September 11.

Atwan says he started looking for bin-Laden’s currenthideout after seeing the latest al-Qaeda video. He noticedthat bin-Laden, who is left-handed, hardly moved his left arm. “His people say he was wounded in the shoulder by shrapnel.He is in good health now,” Atwan says. ?They also saidbin-Laden would not appear in a video and just speak words.He will make another appearance only after his people attackthe Americans again.”

“We have taken out maybe half of the top al-Qaeda and almosthalf of the Taleban leadership,” says Deputy DefenseSecretary Paul Wolfowitz. “It’s going to be a long struggle.”

August Hanning, the head of Germany’s foreign intelligenceagency, also says Osama bin-Laden is alive. He?s believed tobe hiding in the border region between Pakistan andAfghanistan. “Given the information we have, we areconvinced that Bin Laden is still alive,” Hanning says. “Heis still the figurehead of al-Qaeda, but doesn’t appear tomove around very much.” Hanning says an estimated 5,000al-Qaeda operatives still remain in Afghanistan andPakistan, while others have returned to their nativecountries. He says, “They are preparing new attacks fromtheir new locations.”

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