Did the Medieval prophet Nostradamus predict that a comet will crash into the Aegean sea near Greece, with devastating affects, in the year 2004? Two Nostradamus experts disagree.

R.W. Welch writes: “In early August, a faint white speck becomes barely visible in the night sky. With each passing day, it grows rapidly larger and brighter, approaching at several times the velocity of a rifle bullet. It is not a meteoric space rock, but a ball of cosmic dust and ice left over from the formation of the solar system billions of years ago?a comet. By mid-August, it lights up the sky almost like a second sun. While not especially large as comets go, it is getting much too close. It is, in fact, on a collision course with planet Earth.

“The comet almost misses, but it comes so near that Earth’s gravity captures it and whips it back around the planet, over the North Atlantic, southern France and Italy. Soon after entering Earth’s atmosphere, the comet suddenly explodes over the Aegean Sea with the earthshaking roar of a thousand atomic bombs.

“Astronomers have known for a long time that such an event is virtually inevitable, but it may be much closer than most people think. Exactly this scenario was envisioned for this year of 2004 by the famed French psychic Nostradamus.

“The disquieting fact about Nostradamus? 2004 comet is that it is not projected to hit in some lonely taiga or tundra zone, but near the populous island of Euboea just off the mainland of Greece. Every town along this 90-mile isle would suffer the blast effect of the comet, and unless people were evacuated in time, many deaths and injuries would inevitably follow. Doubtless, Athens itself, only about 50 miles away, would feel the shock wave. The power of such a explosion would unleash tidal waves of monstrous height in the Aegean?maybe throughout the eastern Mediterranean. Nostradamus specifies a tsunami near old Ephesus on the Turkish coast, and an even bigger one at the Greek Gulf of Volos. The Volos wave is supposed to carry several miles inland, suggesting that the 2004 comet will be substantially larger than the Tunguska missile, which has been estimated at around 100,000 tons. There are also hints in Nostradamus’ quatrains that the comet?s impact will trigger an earthquake?not unlikely since there is a large geological fault line running between Euboea and mainland Greece.

“Even before the impact, the Seer predicts a fiery rain of comet fragments and debris on parts of southern France and central Italy, with numerous outbreaks of fire. And there is more to come after impact. Huge amounts of blast debris will hover over the Aegean region, filling the air with choking carbon dust and stunting the summer crops. Worse yet, according to the prophecy, the Comet of Nostradamus heralds the arrival of a period of intensified unrest in the Mediterranean and Middle East, culminating in the outbreak of a major conflict?what I have called The Mediterranean War.

“As to the Comet of Nostradamus, even now there are ominous signs in the heavens. A space rock called Toutatis, is heading for a close encounter with Earth in September of this year. It is supposed to miss us by the astronomically small distance of a million miles. But it is an odd asteroid, composed of two weakly joined nodules, with an eccentric rotation. If it should break apart before mid-year, the present calculations would be out the window. Since Nostradamus was probably unaware of the technical distinctions re comets, meteors and asteroids, it is not out of the question that this is the bolide that he perceived.

“One thing for certain: Toutatis will bear very close watching.”

John Hogue, who is a regular guest on Dreamland, refutes this claim. He says, “First off let me categorically say that a great comet WILL NOT crash into the Aegean in the summer of 2004. This is just another Chicken Little tale fomented at the expense of Nostradamus’ prophecies?.I predict this theory will lay an egg.”

Hogue says, “It would appear that some of this cometary disaster theory is based upon reading what I’ve been writing since 1994 concerning several references in the prophecies of a comet or meteor strike in the Aegean Sea, off the Greek island of Euboea. It is important to remember that Nostradamus NEVER gave a date for this event. There is only one astrological time window openly given by Nostradamus for a cosmic disaster in the future. Century 10, Quatrain 67 in Nostradamus’ book ‘Les Propheties’ describes an apocalyptic rain of hail stones larger than an egg in May of some future year. The astrological configuration described in 10 Q67 is quite rare. It will take place in May of 3755! The sky may be falling someday, but not today! We may have to wait for a commetary or meteoric hammer fall in the Aegean, or anywhere else on earth, 1,751 years from now.”

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