In May, there will be a TV miniseries about a devastating quake in California that scientists say is too extreme to be real. But a U.S. geophysicist says a major earthquake will hit southern California by September 5th.

Vladimir Keilis-Borok has developed a way of predicting earthquakes by tracking miniquakes, that often cannot even be felt. Using this method, he predicts that California will experience a 6.4 quake in September. He accurately predicted a 6.5 quake in Central California last December and an 8.1 quake in Japan last September. He says, “Earthquake prediction is called the Holy Grail of earthquake science, and has been considered impossible by many scientists. It is not impossible. We have made a major breakthrough, discovering the possibility of making predictions months ahead of time, instead of years, as in previously known methods.”

Seismologist Nancy Sauer says, “Even two years back it was practically a dirty word to say earthquake prediction.”

He predicts the quake will hit an area that stretches across desert regions to the east of Los Angeles, home to around nine million people, including the Mojave desert and the resort town of Palm Springs, which lies near the San Andreas fault. An earthquake on the southern San Andreas of a magnitude of 7.5 or larger could kill thousands of people in the greater Los Angeles area and cause damage estimated in the tens of billions of dollars.

Seismologist Ray Weldon’s data backs up Keilis-Borok’s research, but he says, “?I don’t lend any insight or support to a window of time.”

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