The Iranian government announced that it had broken theseals placed on a group of highly controversial nuclearfacilities and resumed research that could lead to thecreation of a nuclear weapon. EU and US officials condemnedthe action in the strongest terms.

The French government saidthat the move was a “grave error”, and the UK Foreign Officedescribed the world as “running out of patience” with Iran.

Iranian officials claimed that the research is for peacefulpurposes only, but the enriched uranium intended to beproduced by the facilities can also be used to constructnuclear weapons.

In recent months there have been credible claims that the UShas been transferring large numbers of smart bombs toIsrael, and an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities could bea possibility.

If Iran created a nuclear weapon, it may already have the means to deliver it against Israel, conceivably causing vastdestruction in that country. Iranian leaders have said thatIsrael has no right to exist, that it should be moved toEurope, and that the holocaust, the murder of millions ofJews by Hitler, never happened.

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