In the midst of concern about Iran developing nuclear weapons, it’s interesting to note that the Nazis may have been on the point of detonating an atomic bomb when World War II ended. A new book published in Italy tells how close the Nazis were to manufacturing a nuclear bomb at the end of World War II. Author Luigi Romersa, who is now 88 years old, actually witnessed the device being tested on an island in the Baltic in 1944.

The Israeli web site reports that when German historian Rainer Karlsch made the same claim, he faced much hostility. Romersa was a 27-year-old journalist when he was taken to the island of Rugen to watch what the Nazis called a “disintegration bomb.” He reports seeing a mushroom cloud and was told to remain inside a bunker for several hours, to avoid fallout. When he emerged from the bunker, all the trees, and some nearby animals, had been incinerated.

Recently opened Russian archives revealed that a German scientist filed a patent claim for a plutonium bomb in 1941.

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