Sheriff Erasmo Alarcon Jr., of Jim Hogg County in South Texas, says unidentified armed men dressed in military fatigues have been seen near the border with Mexico. He’s received reports of sightings for several years from ranchers who?ve spotted the unknown troops, carrying “professional backpacks” and marching military style. He believes the armed men are foreign and not drug smugglers. “They are not your regular traffickers that you get,” he says. “But we don’t want to draw conclusions at this point and get everybody worked up.”

He says, “These military-type individuals have been sighted in very remote locations of our county,” which “stretches 50 or 60 miles from end to end. We have reported this information to higher-up law enforcement agencies, but no one really knows who these individuals are, not even the military.”

On time, he received a report within several hours of the sighting. “That particular time,” he says, “we formed an immediate multi-agency task force between the surrounding counties, but we were met with little success. We even brought in air support.

“?We still don’t know who these individuals are. Obviously, they are trespassing, and obviously, they are carrying something. We hope it’s narcotics and not something much worse.”

The immediate, chilling, thought that comes to mind is that these are al-Qaeda terrorists, sneaking into the U.S. through our border with Mexico. However, the 911 terrorists came here as students and successfully blended into their surroundings. Anyone crossing the border in military fatigues would be immediately noticed?it would be better to dress as illegal Mexican immigrants. We suspect these interlopers may actually be U.S. troops performing maneuvers in the area?at least we hope so.

Maybe we need to take a quick course in how to read signs and omens.

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