A terrorist who is accused of helping the 911 hijackers was invited to a party by the Iraqi ambassador to Spain. The ambassador used his al-Qaeda pseudonym, according to documents seized by Spanish investigators. Yusuf Galan, who was photographed in training at a camp run by bin-Laden, is now in jail in Madrid, awaiting trial. The indictment against him says he was “directly involved with the preparation and carrying out of the attacks?by the suicide pilots on September 11.”

Spain has passed on the documents to the U.S., and they will be used as part of a lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C., claiming damages of $100 billion on behalf of more than 2,500 911 victims. The lawsuit lists Saddam’s government in Iraq as one of its principal defendants, claiming it provided “material support” to the al-Qaeda terrorists.

The evidence includes a terrorist training camp at Salman Pak near Baghdad, where former Iraqi intelligence agent Jamal al-Qurairy says non-Iraqi Islamic radicals were trained to hijack planes using knives. It also includes a new affirmation by the Czech government that Mohamed Atta, the leader of the 911 highjackers, met an Iraqi intelligence officer, Ibrahim al-Ani, in Prague in April 2001.

What makes the dictators of this world act so insane?

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