Strange beams of light are being observed in the midwest andCanada. Pictured here is an image of one taken by Bill Davidof Peace River, Alberta, Canada, on June 6. Some observershave seen a possible faint outline of a figure in the beam.To enable you to examine this, we are providing ahigh-resolution image, accessible by clicking the picture tothe left. This image will download slowly on dialup connections.

The photograph is now joined by numerous observations ofwhat appears to be a similar phenomenon in the midwesternUS. Witnesses from the area further state that there hasbeen extensive military activity in connection with thephenomenon.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, September 30,motorists on I-235 and I-94 near Detroit called local radiostation WOMC at around 5:45 AM to report “a bright flash,almost like a huge flashlight” in the sky.

A poster reports on the Unknowncountry.comMessageBoards says, “Thursday afternoon, when I was at work afellow Detroiter, told me he went out for a cigarettebetween 4 and 5 in the morning, and saw a bunch of reallyweird lights in the sky that were too bright and moving tooerratically to be airplanes or helicopters.”

UFO investigator Kenny Young reports on a more extensivesituation in northern Ohio. On September 22, radio stationWTAM received reports of a rainbow-like aerial phenomenonsimilar to a sundog. Mr. Young adds, “the situationcomplicates, however, as others began describing unusualcontrails, jet scrambles and other military activity allacross northern Ohio.”

There have also been unconfirmed reports of UFO andhelicopter activity around the Perry Nuclear Power Stationin Ohio.

The National Weather Service theorized that the lights weremoonbeams shining through the clouds. According to theNational Weather Service, it was clear at the time of theincident.

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To read about the Canadian incident, go to thePeaceRiver Record Gazette.

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To learn more about the Detroit sighting, go

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