Western countries worry that the Middle East wars andterrorist threats mean there will be a shortage of oil inthe future. Both the U.S. and U.K. have plenty of coal, butburning it would cause heavy pollution as well as escalateglobal warming. But there might be a way to have our coaland use it too.

Alex Kirby writes in bbcnews.com that we could burn coalonce again if we could figure out how to get rid of thecarbon. Now U.K. scientists are investigating the idea ofpumping the carbon dioxide emissions underground or underthe ocean and storing them permanently there. This isalready being done in Norway.

Researcher Ian Fells says, “There’s 10 times as much coal asthe oil and gas reserves we have. The Russians told methey’re going to build more nuclear plants, because theycan’t rely on oil and gas?and it’s their oil and gas we’replanning to rely on! If we unlocked our coal it wouldtransform the prospects for using fossil fuel, so carbonsequestration is the key to the future?”

However, this idea doesn’t address the problem of what wouldhappen if an earthquake or asteroid impact dislodged allthat stored CO2.

HaveAdvancedBeings influenced human history since the dawn of time?

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