Women can see more different shades of red than men becausethe gene for seeing red is on the X chromosome. Women havetwo copies of this, while men have only one.

Researchers analyzed the DNA of 236 people from around theworld and also found 85 variations of another gene on the Xchromosome that controls perception of the color green. Thismay be why 8% of men are color-blind (and have troubleseeing both red and green) while few women have thiscondition, because with two X chromosomes, it’s more likelythey’ll have at least one good copy of each gene.

Biologist Brian Verrelli says, “If [the variation] has beenaround this long, this suggests that it was beneficial andkept in the population by natural selection. Females mayhave historically been better at gathering fruits and otherfood items because of their better color discrimination inthe red range of color.”

Women have always wanted to peek into the future. Now we canlearn to awaken and empower our natural divinatory abilitiesbymakingmagic with the everyday items all around us.

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