Are the Visitors from another planet or another dimension? Or are they imaginary or even a hoax? You voted in our poll, and (surprise!)?most of you (almost 52%) think ETs are from another dimension. We think this shows an evolution in thinking over the past decade, due to more information about things like quantum physics, time travel and parallel universes?the kind of news presented on unknowncountry daily. Over 32% of you think they?re from another planet. We do have our skeptics: about 3% of you think they?re imaginary and just over 13% think they?re a hoax. Whatever they are, remember this: We never fool you on this website. We print only the most creditable news at the edge, with a link to the original source, so you can check it out for yourself. If we find out we?ve reported in error, we correct our story, so you can trust what you read here. We want to know more about you in order to serve you better, so go to this week?s poll and vote,click here.

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