The USDA may approve a genetically-modified strain of ricethat contains human genes. Rice is self pollinating, soit will not cross pollinate with rice plants in nearbyfields, but it will mix with other varieties during storageand handling, meaning that it may soon become the onlystrain of rice available in areas where it is grown. Thishas happened with StarLink corn in Mexico and is alsohappening in agricultural areas of the U.S., meaning thatvery soon, it may be impossible to buy organic,non-genetically modified, rice.

The plants have been modified to express the human glycoprotein lactoferrin and human lysozyme.

Lysozyme is an enzyme that breaks down the walls ofbacterial cells in the body and is part of the immunesystem. It cannot be used as a drug except for topicalapplication because the molecules are too large. But currentresearch into ways of instilling lysozyme into the body arepromising, and it could provide a powerful replacement forantibiotic therapy.

Lactoferrin contains 702 amino acids and is also involvedwith the destruction of bacteria in the body. Animallactoferrin is advertised as an antioxidant, and it doeshave measurable antibacterial properties.

Human versions of these substances would be much more potentin the human body, and the ability to synthesize them wouldbe a major advance in bacterial therapy at a time whenantibiotics are becoming less and less effective.

But do we want to synthesize them in a food as widely grownand essential as rice, when genetically modified crops havealready shown an unexpected tendency to spread their genesto other varieties of the same plant, and even to otherplant species?

It’s been discovered that a large amount of corn’s GMcontamination happens as a result of corn dust from severalvarieties mixing together in grain elevators, since theseelevators are not cleaned between batches. This kind ofstorage and handling situation could also be a problem withrice.

Organically grown fruit has a five-numeral code, whichbegins with the number 9. Since organic fruits andvegetables now have to be in separate areas in grocerystores, this code confirms that your apple hasn’t ended upin the wrong pile. However, the store does not have toreveal which fruits and vegetables are geneticallymodified?but you can find out by looking at their stickers,which begin with the number 8.

One major problem with the new genetically engineered riceis that it will come in a box that will probably not belabeled this way. Products made from StarLink corn wereonly discovered after a consumer group bought a variety offoods made from corn flour in a grocery store and testedthem. They discovered that one of the products was evenproduced by a Health Food company!

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Blue Applessounds like fruit that has been genetically-modified, but itis actually the code for the lost technology that Jesus usedin his life and resurrection.

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