We’ve got two outstanding shows for you this week. First, onDreamland, Loren Coleman, author ofThe Copycat Effect, has aspecial report for us on the horrific rash of copycatmurders that took place last week. Then we go on to exploreeverything from the coming pole shift to the weird state ofthe sun to hidden Nazi connections in the US government withengineer Ted Twietmeyer. And AnneStrieber is back with Leonore Sweet, who tells ushow tophotograph the paranormal. When you see Leonore’samazing photos,you’ll want to learn how to do it too.

Ted is an engineer with a difference: he has left the systemand has a lot to say about just what it ISN’T telling us.This interview starts with Ted telling us about a closeencounter experience witnessed by his wife, and that’s mildcompared to what he gets into when he begins to discuss thestate of the sun, the impending magnetic pole shift, thehidden wealthy families who control our world and even theBush Nazi connection! As an added bonus this week, LeonoreSweet has written anInsightthat answers the question: What are orbs?

For oursubscribers, Tedand Whitley go deep into the alien connection. Find out ifTed thinks they’re here to harm us or help us, or if there’ssomething entirely different afoot. It’s a wonderful week onDreamland and Mysterious Powers–Don’t miss a minute of it!

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