A chimpanzee capable of doing simple tasks such asrepetitive factory work has been created in the laboratoryby modifying the brain of a chimpanzee embryo with humanDNA. The chimp has a measurable IQ of 68, well within therange necessary to accomplish simple tasks such asjanitorial and some factory assembly work, and stoop labor,for example, on farms.

Corporate sponsors, the military and governments worldwideare all interested in the new animal, as it will not besubject to laws governing work hours andsafety in factory environments, would be consideredexpendable on the battlefield, and can be bought and sold onthe open market. It is expected that the firstsuper-chimps will be available for sale to selectedcorporate entities and governmental agencies within twoyears, and that a lively market in the animals will developquickly, as demand is expected to be extremely high.

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