At the Stargate Conference, Anne Strieber told how people who have had contact with seeming “aliens” usually describe their experiences in strange, almost surrealistic terms. This one of the things that separates real contact from created contact stories, but it is also one of the primary reasons that these people’s stories are doubted by skeptics. Now neurologists have uncovered a reason for this high strangeness: It may be preparing us to act for a more logical future (perhaps battles against things like global warming and nuclear arms, that could spell the end of our species). Subscribers can learn all about it this week! quotes researcher Travis Proulx as saying, “The idea is that when you’re exposed to a meaning threat, something that fundamentally does not make sense, your brain is going to respond by looking for some other kind of structure within your environment.” In other words, it exercises your brain by forcing you to put the pieces together. This type of experience may cause our brains to see patterns we would otherwise miss, not only in math, but in the world at large.

In October 5th edition of the New York Times, Benedict Carey quotes psychologist Travis Proulx as saying, “We’re so motivated to get rid of that feeling that we look for meaning and coherence elsewhere. We channel the feeling into some other project, and it appears to improve some kinds of learning.”

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