Sometimes bad things happen, but here’s something GOOD to know now that more of the Swine Flu vaccine is finally being released: A recent study published in a peer-reviewed journal found that 2 to 5 year old children diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorders had blood mercury levels similar to those oftypically developing control children after adjusting for a variety of sources. Thus mercury in the children’s blood did not appearto be the cause of autism.

In all likelihood, we’d have better and safer vaccines ifin our preparations we were able to account for the biological differences between men and women. Under the current guidelines, men and women get equal-sized doses of flu vaccines. Yet women’s bodies generate a stronger antibody response than men’s do, research shows, so less vaccine may be needed to immunize them.

Mercury has drawn particular attention in terms of autism because of its known neurotoxicity. The objective of this study was to compare blood mercury concentrations in typically developing children to concentrations in childrenwith autism, and also to analyze whether differences in mercury sources such, as fish consumption, explained any differences in blood mercury levels among the groups. The researchers also examined dental, medical (including vaccinations) and pharmaceutical sources of mercury exposure.

They reported that consumption of tuna, other ocean fish and freshwater fish was the primary predictor of total blood mercury for both typically developing children and those with autism or developmental delay. Surprisingly, they found that the autistic children in their study were LESS likely to eat mercury contaminated fish.

Higher blood mercury was also seen in children with amalgam dental fillings who ground their teeth or chewed gum.

One event leads to another but it does not appear at presentthat vaccination leads to autism. Something that COULD change forever is this website and that’s the BAD news: We have to warn you that without more support, we just won’t be here when you fire up your computer tomorrow.

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