With the same type of fiber optic cables used in telecommunications systems, researchers have developed a way to detect and pinpoint the excavation of tunnels during times of war, such as those used for smuggling weapons into Gaza. So is it possible they could help us locate Bin-Laden too? Another terrorist threat is still high on the list of possible US catastrophes.

Engineers Assaf Klar and Raphael Linker say their system is capable of locating even narrow tunnels at depths greater than 60 feet with a limited number of false alarms. Klar says, “Tunnel excavation is accompanied by the release of stresses that cause permanent, though very tiny, displacements and strains in the ground. If you can measure these strains in the soil with sensitive equipment, you can find the tunnel?s location.” The research lays the groundwork for the initial stages of an underground fence.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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