Cops! – A British policeman has compiled a file of over 300 UFO sightings by cops in the UK for the last 6 years, although he has reports of UFO sightings going back as far as 1980. We have received lots of Communion letters from police and Linda Howe talks about many police sightings in her weekly reports. Like reports from military personnel and pilots, these sightings are especially convincing.

In the 1980 sighting, police officer Alan Godfrey saw a diamond-shaped UFO hovering above a road. When he tried to report it on his police radio, it stopped working. He tried to exit his car, but was blinded by an intense white light. He experienced missing time, then suddenly found himself back in his car FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD (all of these things will be familiar to many of our readers). He had hypnosis and remembered being taken up into a UFO and examined by “grays.”

In the Telegraph, Ben Leach quotes police officer Gary Heseltine, who compiled the datebase, as saying, “Police officers are trained to give dispassionate, detailed descriptions of things they see and are highly credible witnesses as a result.”

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