All mammals have the ability to hibernate, even though onlya few?like bears?do it regularly. Now scientists have foundthat they can put mice (an animal that does not regularlyhibernate) into a state of suspended animation by exposingthem to hydrogen sulfide gas, the gas that produces the”rotten egg” smell. This is big news for people interestedin the close encounter experience, because manyabducteesreport encountering a strong sulfurous odor duringtheir encounters with ETs. Could it be that what they areremembering is the beginning of a process that puts theminto a state of unconcsciousness deeper than sleep or evenanesthesia, and accounts for the sense of ‘missing time’that they almost universally report?

As human science advances, more and more often, we find thatit converges with things that abductees have been reportingfor years. An example isimplants,which are becoming a leading edge technology.

Real alien encounters and abductions are not like thesimplistic stories you read in the tabloid press?in reality,there are a million variations on a single theme. We’vecollected the best letters we’ve received in thisextraordinarybook.

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