Double-Nosed Dogs have long been popular in the Americansouth for their exceptional abilities at sniffing out smallgame, and now the breed’s abilities have caused it to beadopted by US HomelandSecurity as America’s official preferred dog for contrabandsniffing. As a result, Double Noses are increasingly beingseen in airports across the country, sniffing luggage fornarcotics, contraband and bombs. Many law enforcementagencies are adopting the breed as well, and theirfriendliness is making them popular with civilian owners,too. There are even plans to attempt the breeding of tripleand quadruple-nosed dogs, on the theory that they will beexponentially better sniffers. “In theory,” says Double-Noseexpert Phil Bert, “a quad nose would be able to detect asingle milligram of marijuana at a distance of up to tenmiles, however the substance would definitely give theanimal a high.” It is anticipated that the tendency of thedogs to become intoxicated by the drugs they sniff can belessened with the use of canine antidepressants.

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