You suffer from terrible allergies every spring, but how can this be? You don’t live in the country, you live and work in skyscrapers in the middle of a city. Scientists now say that tall buildings are one of the worst places for getting hay fever.

Spanish researchers studied 17,171 allergy patients who either lived in a tall building in the city or in the suburbs. They found that if the pollen is falling and you?re near an open window in a highrise building, you’re going to get a bigger dose of it than if you’re closer to the ground, out in the country. Dr. Alicia Armentia says, “On the basis of our local investigations, natural pollen sensitization appears to increase with the height of where the patient lived.”

Hay fever expert Julie Corden says, “Pollen is released in the morning and then rises up into the upper atmosphere as the temperatures get warmer. Then, as the air cools in the evening, it starts to come down again?If the pollen is falling and you are in a highrise building with the window open, then you’re going to get it first and it will be at a higher level.”

Move to the country to get rid of your allergies? Your doctor didn’t tell you about that!

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