Eric Convey writes in the Boston Herald that Milton Hospital in Massachusetts seems to be the site of a miracle. First, one of the building’s windows showed what looked like a clear image of the Virgin Mary. Now, there seem to be two 6-foot-high crosses on the building’s smokestack. And an amazing green UFO has been seen every night in Russia for the past two years.

The image of Mary is covered by a blue tarp, which is removed from 5:30 to 8 p.m. daily, in order to reduce potential crowds, but the crosses on the smokestack can be seen anytime.

The UFO, which is green, spherical in shape, and luminous, and has been seen so often that people in the Turinsky district of Russia have gotten used to it. It takes the same route nightly, emerging from behind a local factory, then slowly moving along the Tura River towards another factory. It then turns toward a railway bridge and aims for the city of Tavda.

How do religious people deal with the subject of UFOs?

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